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Dress ID: S/S22-1028

Designer: Angagement

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: UNAVAILABLE

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Smooth

Size: 18-20-22

Cup Size: Any

Height Req: 5'4"-5'7"

Expiration Date: 4/1/23

Accessories: None

Flaming Flamenco

Feel the heat in this fiery, feisty smooth gown! Firstly, the neckline of this dress is very unique with a sweetheart neckline complemented by lace that meets across the neck. This makes a beautiful peek-a-boo diamond shape to show off your décolletage. Next, the dress features short sleeves made of lace. This lace continues along the sides of the bodice, creating a flattering hourglass shape. Also, the dress is in a hot florescent red color, which pops against the black lace. The skirt is also black in a shiny organza.

Additionally, the back of the dress is covered in the black lace, allowing your skin to show through. Then the rest of the body is in the red spandex. The sparkles on this dress shimmer across the neckline, in jet black Austrian Crystal.

Lace is always a classic choice and exudes a timeless elegance, while still being sexy. At the 2022 VMAs actress Lily Reinhart was a glam vixen in a black lace Fendi gown. On the other hand, actress Lily James took a more romantic approach with her pale pink lace gown at the Academy Awards. Flaming Flamenco combines the best of both worlds- seductive sheer lace in an elegant silhouette.