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Dress ID: S/S19-930

Designer: Unknown

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $3,500

Rental Price: $350

Dress Type: Smooth

Size: 4-6-8

Cup Size: A-B-C

Height Req: 5' -5'3"

Expiration Date: 02/01/24

Accessories: Armband, Wristband

Hollywood Dreams

This Rental Smooth Ballroom Dress is what dreams are made of! It is form fitting all black dress.  The dress starts off in a smooth velvet. The skirt changes into a stretch knit. Lastly, the skirt lustrous satin godets which makes the skirt flare and shine. Additionally, the skirt has a flirty side slit on the front. It is an asymmetrical dress with one long sleeve. Accessories including an armband and wristband are meant to be worn on the arm without a sleeve. The back features an open back with two diagonal straps. Lastly, the dress has built-in bra cups and a bodysuit.

A little black dress with a fresh and flirty ballroom twist. Rows of high end crystals shimmer down the dress. Specialty large crystals in AB beam in the middle, with smaller AB stones surrounding the larger ones. The outermost part of the rows switch into Black Diamond, a shiny charcoal like stone. The two black straps across the open back, also alternate between large specialty stones and 5mm stones. The best thing about this beauty, is it is a rental Smooth Ballroom dress, so you can try it before you buy it!

For all of the infamy surrounding the Little Black Dress, it is incredible that designers still manage to unpack, reinvent, and deconstruct it every season! Jean Paul Gaultier made his Spring 2020 little black dress unique by adding a metal bra cup. Givenchy added thick structural netting that formed a cape. In ballroom, sprinkling glitter and luxury crystals like fairy dust elevate the little black dress into luxury and gives it a modern yet classless look. The modern little black dress positively beams on the dance floor. Using black as the canvas, Hollywood Dreams, experiments with mixed textures and spirited motifs.