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Dress ID: S/S19-925

Designer: DSI

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $3,300

Rental Price: $350

Dress Type: Smooth/Standard

Size: 0-2

Cup Size: A-B-C

Height Req: 5'4" - 5'7"

Expiration Date: 07/01/2021

Accessories: Detachable Float



Little Darling

Little Darling, a Smooth Standard ballroom dress by DSI that is both elegant and sweet. The dress is a gorgeous ombré, starting in white and gradually transitioning into pink. The bodice starts in a white stretch mesh. It makes the round neckline on the front, scoop neckline on the back, and long sleeves. The mesh is sheer, and the nude bodysuit underneath can be seen. At the waist, the dress transitions into multiple layers of fabric. The outermost fabric is a chiffon, that starts in white and ends in a light pink. Underneath, a satiny fabric can be seen. It also starts in white, and ends in pink. However, it is not ombre, there is a zig-zag seam where the fabric changes color. Finally, the dress has built-in bra cups, a bodysuit, and an invisible zipper down the center back.

The stunning stonework on this DSI Smooth Standard dress compliment the ombré effect. Firstly, large Swarovski crystals in Padparadscha form rows around the neckline on the front and back of the dress. They scatter and switch into Rose Swarovski crystals. From there, the Swarovski crystals become even lighter, changing to AB on the lower bodice. This dress truly shines with its heavy stonework, and is sure to sparkle on the ballroom floor! Lastly, the dress has a detachable float that allows the dress to act as either a Smooth or Standard.

Ombré, meaning “to shade” is a gradual transition of one color to another. There have been a few recent ombré trends from  hair, to sequin dresses, to accessories such as stiletto Christian Louboutins. It is luxurious, and fabrics such as silk can be delicately dip-dyed to achieve the effect. It elevates a simple silhouette, brings an ensemble to life, and adds character. Plus, it looks magnificent twirling on the ballroom floor!