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Dress ID: S/S17-776-QS

Designer: Chrisanne

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: UNAVAILABLE

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Standard

Size: 0-2-4

Cup Size: A-B-C

Height Req: 5'2" - 5'5"

Expiration Date: 07/01/2021

Accessories: None




Tsunami, a gorgeous Chrisanne Standard dance dress that will have everyone asking, “Where did you get that dress?” A cerulean blue and white ballroom dress. To begin, the dress has a halter neckline, with a hook and eye closure on the back. The bust of the dress is made from a stretch knit fabric in blue, with sheer white tulle gently gathered on top. On the back, two nude straps connect the halter neckline to the bodice of the dress. After the bust, the dress continues in solely the blue knit fabric. Furthermore, the skirt is several layers. The outermost layer is white tulle, followed by a shiny white satin, and lastly, blue underneath. The skirt is full and voluminous with a horsehair hem. As you twirl on the ballroom floor, all the dazzling layers come to life!

Just as stunning as this Chrisanne Standard dance dress are the sparkling embellishments! Swarovski crystals make quite the statement. AB crystals outline the outer edges of the neckline and bust, as well as emphasize the rows of gathers on the bust. Additionally, rows of AB crystals gradiate into blue. The AB crystals look like clouds, while the blue look similar to rain. This motif glitters on the bodice, and gave us the inspiration for our dress name, Tsunami!

Cerulean blue, a bold and bright shade of blue. This hue can be found in famous paintings from the sky of Monet’s La Gare Saint-Lazare, to the pointillism of Paul Signac, and in Édouard Manet’s 1878 Corner of a Café-Concert. In the film, The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep, who plays the boss of Anne Hathaway, a fashion intern, dives into lineage and influence on cerulean in the fashion industry. Stand out in this rich and luxurious shade of blue you’re sure to adore!