We are extremely honored to partner with Ukrainian dress designers! Their companies are currently still working and creating dresses in Ukraine. Due to the war, the ballroom dress industry in Ukraine has come to a halt. We are happy to provide a path for them to be able to continue to sell and create their designs during this time.

Nazar’s Studio in Lviv, Ukraine

Nazar was born in Lviv, western Ukraine. At the age of 6, he started taking ballroom dance classes and dance quickly became his life. Growing up, he couldn’t afford to buy expensive costumes, so with his mother’s help; he started making costumes for his performances. He continued dancing, but became more and more interested in clothes, design and modeling. In 2004, a Ukrainian singer, Ruslana, asked Nazar to create costumes for her ballet, and later that year, dressed in Nazar’s creations, she won the most popular European song contest – Eurovision. It was more that Nazar could have ever dreamt of. That was the beginning of the brand NAZAR.

Nazar is one of Eastern Europe’s top ballroom dress designers. He has a unique style and incredible vision of the complete dress silhouette from the first sketch to the last stitch. Nazar “feels” the ideal placement for every crystal on a dress chooses the vibrant color palette and completes the dress with immaculate attention to details. Ballroom dress designing is his life, which has led to his reputation for quality, style, and passion for the sport.

Nowadays he is one of the most sought after and successful brands in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Japan. Ballroom dancing and designing are his 2 major passions that will always be a part of who he is. Nazar lives for his work and is continuing to challenge himself and raise the bar as his talent and creativity has no limits.

"Design is my air, I need to create,
so I can breathe" -- Nazar

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