We are a very special dance and performing arts costume cleaning company. Our specialty is working with stretch fabrics, lace, embellishments, crystals, sequins, and couture costuming. We have formulated our own product line which is used on all of the items we service. All costumes are hand cleaned and personally attended to by trained professionals in house.
Our products are proudly vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, glycol ether-free, no artificial colors or dyes, fragrance-free, phosphate-free, Kosher (Certified by the Orthodox Union), 100% biodegradable, not tested on animals, septic safe, and made in the USA. If you have allergies, we have you covered, no more embarrassing breakouts while wearing costumes! We are committed to protecting the environment, well-being of animals, and the health of our clients.

The Dress Spa was created by Julie, a Professional Dancer and Brenda, her Mother. The company has proudly cleaned costumes and dresses worn on/at music award shows, red carpet events, celebrity appearances, celebrity stage performances, national news broadcasts, major motion picture productions, made for TV movies, commercials, dance competitions, dance performances/shows, TV dance programing, major touring productions, beauty pageants, and are recognized both nationally and internationally. Keeping exclusive privacy of all clients is paramount!

We are proudly the only cleaning company offering the specialty service of energy clearing/cleansing for costumes and dresses. Did you ever have a “lucky” dress, or a “power” suit? These garments don’t hold special powers, or do they? All objects hold a certain level of energy and history that can affect the person wearing them. Comparably, do you have a costume or dress that you feel unlucky in, but just can’t part with? We can clear the energy field and make the garment feel new again.

Performers are dreamers not cleaners, we are happy to step in, take the lead, and clean!