Does Your Dress Need A Rest?  To help maintain the investment in your dress, it is very beneficial to routinely rejuvenate it!  If perfumes, makeup, tanner, tint, hairspray, deodorant, lipstick, wine, coffee, ink, grease, etc, are left on the dress, it can forever damage it.  If you dry-clean your dress, the chemicals can cause a reaction with your skin or anyone else who might wear it.  Additionally, they can greatly destroy the crystals therefore it is a cardinal rule to never dry-clean your performance dresses.  You send us the dress, and we will do the rest!


Spa Rejuvenation, $225 USD

Spot removal, full cleaning, reinforce hooks, tighten stitching on straps, clip any frayed threads, tighten any loose appliques or embellishments, light replacement of missing stones, moist steam, hanger and dress bag.


Additional Services

Replacement of bra cups, major stone replacement, fingerloop replacement, replacement of hooks or snaps, replacement of zipper, removal of old/discolored/excessive glue, and replacement of feathers.  Other services are available upon request.  These additional services if requested will financially be accessed once your dress has been received.


Native American Dress Energy Clearing, $190 USD

This is an extremely special service.  Materials grown on protected Native American land is used in a thorough energy cleansing of your dress.  Many are familiar with cleansing a new home or office space, this is a way to clear any energy remaining with your dress allowing it to “reboot.”  This service is beneficial if you have just acquired a new dress, or previously loved dress, or you feel something is off, or you are just not as “lucky” in the dress.  We use a private room with a trained professional who services your dress until it is fully cleared.  We highly recommend a spa rejuvenation along with this service, however this service can be utilized on it’s own.  We look forward to bringing your dress back into harmony.