Dress Appraisals

It’s best to be prepared before loss or damage occurs!


Encore Ballroom Couture realizes that many ballroom dancers have a multitude of dresses in their dance wardrobe. We understand for various reasons you may need to document the value of your dress investment.

We are happy to offer a monetary evaluation of your dresses for your insurance purposes. In many instances your dress could be lost, stolen, or damaged in transit to or at a competition/event.  At home you could incur damage to your dresses due to water, mold, moths, fire, or natural disasters. Many of you have homeowners insurance that would cover the loss of your dresses, but their value must be determined and documented.

Due to our extensive experience in working with many dress designers, dance fabrics, trims and embellishments, we are use to making these evaluations on a daily basis. The appraisal fee is $75 per dress.

How to Appraise

How To Submit Dresses for Appraisal


1) Fill out the Appraisal Request and submit. If you are unsure of any fields, put Unknown.

2) Write a check to Encore Ballroom Couture for the Appraisal Fee which is $75 per dress.

3) Place each dress and any accompanying accessories inside a plastic zip top bag and put inside your shipping box. Also include an envelope with your check in it.

4) Please view our Shipping Information to help you decide the best method of shipping. Email the tracking number and ship date to us, so that we can anticipate delivery.

5) Once we receive your dress(es) you will get an email confirmation from us!


Note: We accept dresses in increments of five at a time from one client.

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