Toppers for Troopers

Welcome to Toppers for Troopers!  We are a donation program associated with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) in Bethesda, Maryland.  WRNMMC is the largest military medical facility in the United States, caring for those who were injured in combat, or are ill.  They treat active service members, retired service members, and beneficiaries (ie spouse, and children) of service members. WRNMMC is a state of the art facility that utilizes cutting edge science, medicine, and rehabilitation methods to treat our nation’s heroes.



After receiving approval from the Rear Admiral, we are excited to launch our program Toppers for Troopers, April 2013!  Through our program we look forward to providing more “tools” to the WRNMMCs’ “Look Good Feel Better Program.”  This program teaches patients who are suffering from alopecia (loss of hair) either from injury, illness or treatment, how to regain a new self image.  They use makeup techniques, wigs, hairpieces, scarves and hats to sculpt the new look and teach individuals to more comfortably live in their new body.



julie-walterreedEncore Ballroom Couture Owner Julie Wilson was nominated and accepted for the Department of Defenses’ 84th Joint Civilian Orientation Conference based on her academic, professional and humanitarian accomplishments.  She was the youngest participant on her tour and it was held July 2012. She spent a week traveling around the United States visiting with each branch of the military, learning about daily life as a service member.  At the conclusion of her tour, she spent a day at WRNMMC learning about treatment and life long care for wounded warriors, veterans, and service member’s families.  It was then she learned of the need for this type of donation program. Julie feels this program will fit in nicely with Encore Ballroom Couture as we have access to individuals in the performance and entertainment industry who utilize many forms of head adornment on a frequent basis. Two weeks prior to her tour, Julie had cleaned out her hair drawers throwing many of her hair items away in a big garbage bag.  She wished this program had existed so that all of her hairpieces could have gone to a good cause.  Julie hopes this program will now be a great avenue for other performers, entertainers, and private citizens to positively affect those service members and families who help protect and pursue freedom around the world.





New or like new hats

New or like new skull caps

New or like new scarves

New or like new hairpieces

New or like new clip-in extensions

New or like new clip-in bangs

New or like new wigs

A generic note of encouragement

How To Donate

1) Fill out the Donation Contract and submit. A copy of the contract will be emailed to you upon submission.

2) Print and enclose a copy of your Donation Contract inside the box with your items being donated. If donating hair items, please place them in individual plastic zip top bags within one box for shipping.

3) You are responsible for your shipping costs to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Please send your items with a tracking number, so they may be located at any time. Ship your items directly to:

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Attn: Stacey Vitiello
8901 Rockville Pike
Building 19, Room 3718

Bethesda, MD 20889

4) Email the tracking number to AND so that we may keep an eye on the shipment – All shipments must have a tracking number!

NOTE: Once your item(s) have been received and processed by WRNMMC, you will receive correspondence from them directly.

NOTE: If donating to the WRNMMC “Look Good Feel Better Program,” it is important to use OUR donation program and system for donation.  Donations from our program have already been preapproved.



Please DO NOT cut your own hair and mail it in.

Please clean your donations prior to mailing them in if they are like new.

The program accepts items for men, women and children.

If you have any questions about how to donate contact Encore Ballroom Couture directly at (703) 573-1640 or by email. If you have any questions about items that have been donated please contact Stacey Vitiello at WRNMMC at (301) 400-1258 or by email at

Donate Today!

A Few of Julie's Military Memories

Marine Corps Executive Forum (MCEF), August 30, 2013
2012 U.S. Army Best Warrior Competition VIP Day, October 17, 2012
Joint Civilian Orientation Conference 84 (JCOC), July 22-28, 2012


Meeting Gary Sinise on August 30, 2013, at beautiful VIP reception at the Commandants home in Washington D.C.  General James F. Amos hosted a lovely garden party for honored guests including the guest of honor, Gary Sinise.  The night before in a private ceremony General James F. Amos made Gary Sinise an Honorary Marine. Gary was so personable and thrilled to hear about our Toppers For Troppers program!