Vending Schedule

There are many great benefits to visiting us at the competitions listed below. Events give you the ability to try-on dresses saving the try-on fee and shipping cost. You may also rent or purchase dresses on-site at these events. Additionally, we are happy to evaluate any dresses you are interested in registering with our company, and then take care of the registration paperwork in person.  Team Encore looks forward to seeing you on the road!

Emerald Ball

April 30th-May 5th 2024

Los Angeles, CA

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, USA, the Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships has made a reputation among ballroom competitors as being, like nothing else, both on and off the dance floor. With origins dating back 57 years, the Emerald Ball is a cornerstone of American dancesport, for all dancers—including those new to the competitive scene, and those hoping to capture a ranking on the national scene. As one of the top three competitions in the United States in terms of both size and prestige, the Emerald Ball is an enjoyable and awe-inspiring event for anyone who loves ballroom.

Virginia State DanceSport Championships

July 18-21, 2024
Reston, Virginia

Rosendo Fumero, Dan Messenger, and Francesco Flumiani are excited to invite you to a one-of-a-kind, historic event celebrating the 58th year of th Virginia State DanceSport Championships!

As one of the longest-running competitions in America, Virginia State will continue its legacy of bringing together a fun and inspiring weekend where competitors can show off their dancing and test their skills at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Reston.

Ohio Star Ball

NOVEMBER 19- 24, 2024
Columbus Convention Center

The Ohio Star Ball began as a one day showcase over 45 years ago, under the direction of Sam Sodano. With equal amounts of creativity, courage and perseverance, Sam has developed this Championship into the largest Pro/Am competition, not only in North America, but in the world today.

From its inception, the philosophy of the Ohio Star Ball has not changed. Competition is limited to one age and two consecutive levels, the venue is comfortable, the atmosphere familiar and friendly, and the event offers something for everyone, from the earliest beginner to the most advanced dancer of any age or level. The Ohio Star Ball of today is now a 6 day event with 70 Judges, 3 Chairmen, 3 Emcees, 7 Scrutineers, 2 Deejays, 9 Deck Captains and a 300+ page program!

With a minimum of 24 competitors in some single age categories with first rounds and quarter finals, the OSB Team runs this event like a well oiled machine with an on time schedule you can set your watch by.

Scholarship divisions are the best attended in the nation, with prize money provided in all Pro/Am, Amateur and Junior Divisions by both visible and anonymous patrons. And if you’re dancing for points or national ranking, the Ohio Star Ball is not only the grand finale of the World Pro-Am Dancesport Series, but is also a member of Dancers Cup Tour, Global Dancesport Series, DanceVision Circuit, and U.S. Dancesport Series.

Move out of the Regency Ballroom and visit the lower level of the Columbus Convention Center and you will discover the Ohio Star Ball Collegiate Dancesport Challenge, hosting collegiate ballroom competitors from over 40 different colleges and universities. Step into the Battelle Hall Arena to watch the Amateur and Junior competitors dancing by day, and the Open Professional Competitors dancing on Friday and Saturday night. If you are in the mood for a more sport oriented event, then grab some thunder sticks and cheer on your Regional Team for the World Pro/Am Team Match on Thursday night.

Tired of being on the sidelines? Want to learn some of the great dance techniques you’ve seen? No problem! Attend the Ohio Star Ball Dance Camp (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and learn the latest from an outstanding teaching faculty of Top Coaches and Professionals in the industry today.

Need some new shoes, dance wear or other paraphernalia? Go to Level 2 and shop ’til you drop! With over 40 vendors present, you had better bring an empty suitcase with you! And while you’re spending, your earning chances to win 2 double packages at the official OSB Raffle.

How do you keep track of all this activity? The OSB Team keeps you informed with the Ohio Star Ball Newsletter, which you will find available ONLINE every morning. The Newsletter will recap the results of the previous day’s events, let you know what’s coming up on the schedule, and even give you the dinner menu selected for that night! And while you’re in your room, tune in to Channel 12 and watch “Championship Ballroom Dancing”! With shows dating all the way back to 1984, you’ll get to watch many of today’s Judges and Officials in their competitive days. Its non-stop dancing 24/7!

Also the World Pro/Am Dancesport Series is pleased to announce a new category, in conjunction with the Fordney Foundation and the Ohio Star Ball, there will now be a Junior and Youth Dancesport series. As with the World Pro Am Dancesport Series, the Grand Finale will be held in Ohio 2019, with an overall Junior prize purse from the Fordney Foundation Totaling $25,000. The World Pro Am Dancesport Series is excited to continue this venture with the Fordney Foundation. For details about the new Junior and Youth Dancesport series, please go to and click on “Youthseries” at the top of the menu.

And finally, we have the Grand Finale of the Best of the Best Challenge. The qualified Pro/Am winners from many events throughout the year will battle it out for Top Honors!

See you in O-HI-O!!

Millenium DanceSport Championships


Millenium DanceSport Championships

Orlando, FL


June 19-23, 2024

Millenium DanceSport Championships is one of the top DanceSport competitions in the country! Located minutes from major theme parks like Universal Orlando, Wald Disney World, and SeaWorld, their family friendly resort-like hotel has it all! Organized by Michael Chapman, Millennium DanceSport is full of fun themed shows, professional and amateurs events, dinners, and more! This dazzling event is one you can’t miss!

United States DanceSport Championships

September 2-7, 2024
Orlando, Florida

American Ballroom Company, Inc. (ABC) was incorporated in March 1971 by Ms. Mary Molaghan & John Monte. At that time ABC was granted a license from the National Council of Dance Teachers Organization (NCDTO), now the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) to conduct the official United States Ballroom Championships® (USBC), now known as the United States Dance Championships® (USDC) in all styles and divisions for Amateurs and Professionals.

The Charter was later revised in 1975 and remains the same today. The USBC was first conducted at the Waldorf Astoria in 1971 and continued there until 1975, when they were held in Washington D.C.. From there it returned to the Waldorf Astoria from 1976 to 1981, then the Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden in 1982. It was then back at the Waldorf Astoria for 1983 and shared between the Felt Forum and the Waldorf Astoria in 1984. In 1985 it was moved to Miami Beach, FL and held at the Sheraton Bal Harbour. The Championships remained there until 1988. In 1989 it was held at the Fontainebleau Hilton and returned to the Sheraton Bal Harbour in 1990. From 1991 until the present, the USDC has been held at the Fontainebleau Hilton Hotel. ABC conducted the World Professional Championships (Standard) in conjunction with World Dance Promotions at the Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, New York City in 1984 and recently conducted this event in 1998 in Miami.

Additionally, ABC has organized the World’s Professional Latin American Championships in 1987, 1991, & 1996 and the World’s Professional Ten Dance Championships in 1993 and 1997. The United States representatives for the World Professional Championships are chosen each year at the USDC. In conjunction with the NDCA, ABC helps subsidize the couples travel expenses. The US Open Professional Standard and Latin American Championships commenced in 1983, and since then have attracted the best dancers from throughout the World. In 1985, The Marguerite Hanlon/John Ford World Professional Invitational Team Match was introduced.

This event has been held successfully for 11 years and has brought the world’s leading dance couples to participate in this prestigious event. In 1984 the Professional American Style Championships was split into American Smooth and American Rhythm divisions. This split produced radical changes in this style. In 1995 ABC formed a joint venture with the Ballroom Dance Division at Brigham Young University to organize and run the US National Pre-Teen, Junior, Youth and Amateur Cabaret Championships in Provo, UT in March of each year. This is due to the very large population of young dancers in the inter-mountain area. Commencing in 1996, the US National Professional Standard Championships and the US National Professional Rising Star Standard Competition have joined the other U.S. Championships taking place in Provo.

In 1997 the name of the annual US Championship has been changed to reflect the current trend in the dancing world. The new name is now the “United States Dance Championships®”. In 2006 all of the United States Championships came back to USDSC to be held under one roof. In 2007 the name of the annual US Championships was changed to United States Dance Championships (USDC) and in the same year the event moved to the Royal Pacific resort in Orlando, Florida. ABC is an independent producer of dance competitions, and has successfully produced 28 United States Championships and several World Championships.