Vending Schedule

There are many great benefits to visiting us at the competitions listed below. Events give you the ability to try-on dresses saving the try-on fee and shipping cost. You may also rent or purchase dresses on-site at these events. Additionally, we are happy to evaluate any dresses you are interested in registering with our company, and then take care of the registration paperwork in person.  Team Encore looks forward to seeing you on the road!

Ohio Star Ball

November 14 – 19

Hyatt Regency
350 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 463-1234




Team Encore looks forward to celebrating the 40th anniversary of Ohio Star Ball this November–we will see you at the BALL!!

The Ohio Star Ball began as a one day showcase 37 years ago, under the direction of Sam Sodano. With equal amounts of creativity, courage and perseverance, Sam has developed this Championship into the largest Pro/Am competition, not only in North America, but in the world today.  The Ohio Star Ball of today is now a 6 day event with 70 Judges, 3 Chairmen, 3 Emcees, 7 Scrutineers, 2 Deejays, 9 Deck Captains and a 300+ page program!  With a minimum of 24 competitors in some single age categories with first rounds and quarter finals, the OSB Team runs this event like a well oiled machine with an on time schedule you can set your watch by.  Scholarship divisions are the best attended in the nation, with prize money provided in all Pro/Am, Amateur and Junior Divisions by both visible and anonymous patrons.

If you’re dancing for points or national ranking, the Ohio Star Ball is not only the grand finale of the DanceSport Series, but is also a member of Dancers Cup Tour and the Global Spectrum event. The Ohio Star Ball proudly hosts the 2014 World Pro/am Dancesport Series Titles (Ballroom – Latin – Rhythm – Smooth), as well as the Grand Finale of the World Pro/Am Dancesport Series Team match, the Largest Competition Circuit team match in North America. Also included is the Grand Finale of the Best of the Best Challenge. The qualified Pro/Am winners from many competitions will battle it out for Top Honors! The Ohio Star Ball invites dancers, judges, teachers and friends to join us for our 36th Annual celebration with plenty of dance action!!

How do you keep track of all this activity? The OSB Team keeps you informed with the Ohio Star Ball Newsletter, which you will find under your door every morning. The Newsletter will recap the results of the previous day’s events, let you know what’s coming up on the schedule, and even give you the dinner menu selected for that night! And while you’re in your room, tune in to Channel 12 and watch “Championship Ballroom Dancing”! With shows dating all the way back to 1984, you’ll get to watch many of today’s Judges and Officials in their competitive days. Its non-stop dancing 24/7!