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Dress ID: R/L13-496-QS

Designer: Artistry in Motion

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $2,800

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Rhythm/Latin

Size: 0-2-4

Cup Size: B-C-D

Height Req: None

Expiration Date: 12/01/2022

Accessories: Neckpiece, Belt


Abracadabra, a magical Rhythm Latin fringe ballroom dress that will make all of your dreams come true! To begin, it has a combination of a sweetheart and halter neckline. A thick black band outlines the sweetheart neckline, reaches around the neck, and crosses over forming an “X” on the back of the dress. Furthermore, the dress is two layers, a fuchsia purple lace lined by a champagne nude stretch knit fabric. Matching fringe starts at the hips creating the illusion of a drop waist and long torso. Rows and rows of fringe create a high-low skirt, with the front of the skirt being longer than the back. Lastly, the dress has a built-in bra and bodysuit.

Even more magical than the Rhythm Latin fringe ballroom dress, is its glittery embellishments! Firstly, fine European crystals sparkle all over this dress. Specialty large top of the line crystals in square and triangle shapes adorn the black band. Similarly, iridescent crystals that look both simultaneously silver and pink, sparkle on the black band and the bodice of the dress. Additionally, the dress features an open back. On the bottom of the open back two straps meet in the center with stonework complimenting the rest of the dress. Secondly, the dress has accessories including a neckpiece and belt (both are shown in the picture). They shine with even more shining crystals!

Fringe, fierce, and free! Adding texture to any twirl, fringe is a designer and wearer’s best friend. Fringe effortlessly makes any movement, subtle or dramatic, more visually interesting. On the runway, Salvatore Ferragamo took this trend to new heights, creating cascading dresses with feather-like fringe that bounced and moved with each model’s unique stride. And a palette of peony and pearl embraced spring with open arms. Simply said, fringe makes everything more fun. Shimmy and stride with the confidence of fringe.