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Dress ID: DWTS-R/L16-020

Purchase Price: $1,800

Dress Type: Rhythm/Latin

Size: 00-0-2

Cup Size: AA-A-B

Height Req: 5’5” – 5’8”

Accessories: None

Anna Demidova 020

Anna Demidova, professional ballroom dancer, actress, and model, danced with Michael Irvin, American sports commentator and former Dallas, Cowboys football player on Season 2 of Dancing with the Stars. Which NFL player is the best dancer? In this costume, Anna Demidova and her partner Michael Irvin have a Paso Doble dance off against NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice, and his partner, Anna Trebunskaya. Furthermore, the costume is a two piece, featuring a crop top, satin skirt, and high end European crystal detailing.

Check out the dress that competitor Anna Trebunskaya wore. It matches Demidova’s, except with a red and gold color scheme. The colors of the dresses were chosen based off of the team’s uniforms the former NFL players were on.