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Dress ID: R/L23-998

Designer: Jordy

Original Retail Price: $4,000

Purchase Price: $3,000

Rental Price: $300

Dress Type: Rhythm/Latin

Size: 10-12-14

Cup Size: Any

Height Req: N/A

Expiration Date: 9/1/24

Accessories: None


Shine bright in Apollo, a rhythm latin dress by Jordy! This stunning white and gold gown features a wide gold collar covered in premium Aurum crystals. Next, a bold nude stripe runs down the center of the dress with an array of Aurum crystals. The dress features a matching gold rhinestoned hem. The rest of the dress is made in a crisp white lycra fabric, except for the sleeves which are made of a drapey chiffon. 

Along the sides of the dress gold crystals glisten and help to create a more hourglass effect. The back of the dress mimics the front, with a nude band down the center. The dress also has a zipper closure down the back. Finally, this dress has a built-in bodysuit, but no bra cups allowing you to wear your own bra. 

Apollo is the Greek god of music and the arts and was known to be bright as the sun, the perfect namesake for a beautiful dance dress! The crisp white and golden glow of this gown harkens to mythology. Become a shining piece of art when you step into Apollo!