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Dress ID: S/S16-741-QS

Designer: Randall Designs

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $2,500

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Smooth

Size: 2-4-6

Cup Size: AA-A-B

Height Req: 5’11” – 6’2”

Expiration Date: 9/1/24

Accessories: Neckpiece, (2) Upper Armbands

Aquamarine II

Aquamarine, a mesmerizing Smooth dance costume named after its perfect hue of blue with a hint of green. To begin, it has spaghetti straps in nude, making the dress appear strapless when being worn. The front features a sweetheart neckline. The bodice is adorned with braided ribbon. It creates floral motifs with the braids hugging the silhouette and cinching in the waist. Additionally, it adds intricate texture and design. The skirt has several flowy tiers made from layers of sheer blue fabrics. We can’t wait for you to see just how beautiful the skirt is when you give it a twirl! The back of the dress has an invisible zipper down the center of it. Lastly, this ballroom dress has built-in bra cups and a bodysuit.

This Smooth dance costume has the sparkle and accessories to make your ballroom dreams come true! High end European crystals sparkle all over the dress. They shine on the bodice in between the braids and glitter their way down the skirt. Furthermore, the dress has a neckpiece and two upper armbands. The necklace is made from the braided ribbon and also is encrusted with sparkling crystals. The more crystals, the merrier!

Layering exemplifies fashion’s dichotomy of pragmatism and indulgence. And nobody performs this balancing act better than Ralph Lauren whose playful and exaggerated layered looks remind us of those adventures where our clothing helps us play the part of Princess Diana. Michelle Dockery wore a delightful Oscar de la Renta gown to the Emmy Awards that played up the layering trend with its black piping and cascading layers of ivory. Translating the layering trend to reinvigorate your ballgown repertoire means finding looks with added fabric trimmings, playing with sheer overlays, and insinuating volume with endless ripples of fabric. It’s an invitation to wear all of your favorite embellishments and decals at the same time.