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Dress ID: R/L18-791-QS

Designer: Dress For Dance

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $2,500

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Rhythm/Latin

Size: 16-18-20

Cup Size: Any

Height Req: 5'5" & Up

Expiration Date: 9/1/24

Accessories: None

Chain in Command

This Dress For Dance ballroom dress is our Rhythm Latin dress, Chain in Command. A vivid blue dress with leopard print, fringe, and chains. It is an asymmetrical, with the majority of the dress made from a true blue stretch jersey. One sleeve is an off the shoulder long sleeve made from the blue jersey, while the other sleeve is a long sleeve made of a nude mesh. The dress features a slant hem. The fringe is oblique, with several rows following the shape of the slant hem. It starts at the waist, and ends at a point on the bottom of the dress. Additional features include a deep scoop neckline on the back of the dress and a built-in body suit. There are no bra so you can wear your own!

The embellishments on this Dress For Dance ballroom dress are purrr-fect! Pieces of leopard print in tans and browns adorn the dress like appliqués. Large specialty ravioli stones in AB shimmer on the leopard fabric, as well as colors matching the animal print. Similarly, premium European crystals in AB and blues shine on the blue jersey fabric. Gold chains wrap around the left side of the dress, from the front to the back. As the dress moves, the chains and fringe dance with it!

The chain trend has had a chain reaction! It is flirty yet powerful, and demands respect. Model Lily-Rose Depp brings this trend to the Met Gala in a Chanel design. Depp wore an all black dress with gold floral broaches at the shoulders, bust, and hips. Gold chains attach to the metal broaches and wrap around the dress. Even the sleeves of the dress are made from golden chains. This trend is good as gold, and we know you will look fabulous in it!