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Dress ID: DWTS-R/L16-008

Designer: DWTS

Purchase Price: $2,500

Dress Type: Rhythm/Latin

Size: 33 x 32

Cup Size: N/A

Height Req: N/A

Accessories: Hat, Bandana *Men’s Pant matching Kym Johnson 028 Costume, "The Train Dance"*

Donny Osmond 008

Donny Osmond, is a renowned American singer, dancer, actor, and TV personality. On top of all of that, Donny Osmond won Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars, along with his dance partner Kym Johnson. In this costume, the two of them rocked the stage, dancing the Jitterbug. Donny and Kym both wore a matching blue and white hickory striped costume. Not only does this costume include the pants Donny wore, but also the hat and bandana. Every piece is a one of a kind, original, untouched TV production costume that can’t be found anywhere else!

This is the ultimate Donny Osmond and Dancing with the Stars collection piece! Take a look at Kym Johnson’s hickory striped dress to get the matching set.