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Dress ID: R/L19-880

Designer: Designs by Kalina

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $3,800

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Rhythm/Latin

Size: 6-8-10

Cup Size: A-B-C

Height Req: None

Expiration Date: 01/01/2022

Accessories: (4) Hair Accessories, Neckpiece, (7) Bangles



Fly Me Away

This Designs by Kalina Rhythm Latin dress Fly Me Away, will have you soaring! Firstly, it is an asymmetrical dress, with the majority of it being made from a bright coral pink knit fabric, including the entire right side of the dress and left hip. It is has gentle gathers along the seams, forming ruching that is very form flattering. The left side of the dress is made from a nude stretch knit fabric. On the front, the dress has a round neckline, while the back has a plunging neckline that leaves the top portion of the back open. Additionally, the dress is form fitting, with a drop waist, and large dramatic ostrich feather skirt. The fluffy feathers match the coral of the dress.

The embellishments on this dress are airy, elegant, and breathtaking! To begin, every centimeter on the bodice of this Designs by Kalina Rhythm Latin dress shine with Preciosa crystals. The coral ruching has horizontal rows of Preciosa stones starting in AB, changing to Hyacinth AB, and switching back to AB. The nude side has iridescent Preciosa Sun AB crystals that look simultaneously pink and orange. Furthermore, the dress has purple appliqués, alternating between royal purple and lavender. The appliqués also have matching Preciosa crystals in Heliotrope and Alexandrite. Lastly, the dress has a plethora of sparkly accessories!

The wearer of feathers has a few things (aside from great taste, of course). She has confidence, joie de vivre, spirit, and style. Famed singer, Lizzo, shone in a fiery red Moschino dress at a recent award show. A matching feather boa sophisticatedly hugged her neck, complimenting the body color of her dress and its sequins. Indulge in feathery accents on a ballroom gown. Or, take a note from Lizzo’s playbook and add a feather boa to any outfit, whether on or off the dance floor!