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Dress ID: S/S18-839-QS

Designer: Designs by Lazari

Original Retail Price: $7,500

Purchase Price: $2,400

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Smooth

Size: 10-12

Cup Size: Any

Height Req: 5'3" - 5'6"

Expiration Date: 9/1/24

Accessories: Neckpiece

Heavenly Bliss

This custom Smooth ballroom dress has the perfect name, Heavenly Bliss! To begin, the bodice of the dress is made of a nude stretch knit fabric with a nude stretch mesh overlay. One long sleeve is made from a nude mesh, while the other, is made from a white stretch mesh fabric. Furthermore, the white mesh makes up the left sleeve, and hugs the front and back of the dress like a wrap dress would. Finally, the mesh meets at one point, and drapes becoming another layer of the skirt. The skirt is an oblique line, starting at one hip and the waist on the opposite side. Lastly, it has built-in bra cups and a bodysuit.

Between the print on the skirt, and the embellishments, this custom Smooth ballroom dress is one of a kind! Firstly, AB luxury crystals wiz like shooting stars on the bodice of the dress. Many of the rows of high end crystals end in either a larger stone or an elegant pearl. Embroidery white floral appliqués adorn the dress, also with AB stones. Most interestingly, the skirt of the dress has two hand-painted baby angels floating in the sky on clouds. The blue background dissipates into a white. The angel’s wings look so real made with feathers, it is as if they can fly off the dress!

Ever wondered what lies in the heavenly bodies? Astronauts and designers alike find inspiration from above the clouds and out of our hemisphere. Singer and actress Thalia wore a celestial number by Tommy Hilfiger on the red carpet. Thalia’s silver duchess satin one-shoulder gown came complete with a comet star design made of crystals flying up the dress. The most notable part of the dress was the 3-D spiral collar gleaming with sapphire crystals representing the night sky.