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Dress ID: S/S19-871

Designer: Unknown

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $4,200

Rental Price: $350

Dress Type: Smooth

Size: 2-4-6

Cup Size: A-B-C

Height Req: 5'2" - 5'5"

Expiration Date: 12/01/2022

Accessories: (2) Full Sleeves

Jet Setter

Jet Setter, a black rental Smooth ballroom dress that is loved all across the globe! To begin, the dress is all black made of several different fabrics. The front bodice and skirt is made from a satin-like material. The bust and center bodice has several small gathers that flare into the skirt. A sheer mesh fabric makes the side panels, as well as the back bodice of the dress. The dress is sleeveless, and comes with full sleeve accessories to allow the option of more coverage. Lastly, the dress has an invisible side zipper, built-in bra cups, and a bodysuit.

Even though this dress is all black, the embellishments are sure to make it stand out on the ballroom floor. A combination of high end crystals in whites, grays, and blacks shine on this black rental Smooth ballroom dress. Firstly, silver embroidery appliqués outline the front and back neckline, and center portion of the dress. They glitter with specialty large AB crystals in a diamond shape, as well as 5mm AB and Crystal stones. Similarly, the black mesh shines with Crystal, Jet Hematite, and Crystal Silver Night in various sizes. The gloves sparkle with premium crystals as well. This dress is sure to sparkle on the ballroom floor!

This dress isn’t just great for ballroom, this dress can also be worn to black tie events, red carpets, or any other special gathering! We can’t say any names, but we have even had celebrities rent our dresses for special events! We are proud to say, we have had our dresses dance at weddings too! Ballroom is all about creativity and thinking outside the box. In dresses like these, one can conquer anything! Rent this dress for your next ballroom event, or wow your friends and family at the next big event!