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Dress ID: DWST-R/L22-078

Purchase Price: $1,950

Dress Type: Smooth

Size: 00-0

Cup Size: AA-A-B

Height Req: None

Accessories: None **Sleeves added after it was worn on the show**

Julianne Hough 073

This turquoise, smooth standard gown was a sample costume worn by Julianne Hough. The gown features full-length mesh sleeves, gold floral details embroidered across the bodice, and a satin sash that creates a cinched waist accent before dropping into the floor-length skirt.

Although the costume never aired, it still makes the perfect Julianne Hough collectible. Hough is a Dancing With the Stars two-time champion and actress known for her roles in “Footloose,” “Burlesque,” and “Safe Haven.” This costume would be the ultimate gift for any fan.