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Dress ID: S/S20-935

Designer: RS Atelier

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $3,800

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Standard

Size: 2-4-6

Cup Size: A-B-C

Height Req: 5'3" - 5'6"

Expiration Date: 12/01/2022

Accessories: Earrings (Clip), Neckpiece, (2) Detachable Feather Cuffs

Milan Sunset

This vibrant European Standard ballroom dress is reminiscent of a gorgeous Milan Sunset in shades of orange and burgundy. To begin, the dress starts with an orange mesh. The mesh forms long sleeves, a round neckline on the front, and a v-neckline on the back. Next, the dress transitions into a stretch knit fabric. The knit fabric forms a second sweetheart neckline and a fitted silhouette. The skirt is very large with godets to give additional fullness. The floats are made of chiffon and drape gracefully from the bottom of the sleeves. Lastly, the dress has built-in bra cups and a bodysuit.

This Standard ballroom dress shines brighter than the sun! Firstly, shining crystals in AB, Tangerine, and Burgundy gently wisp across the bodice like the sun’s rays. Likewise, they scatter throughout the dress like sparkly sprinkles. Secondly, the dress is embellished with fanciful feathers! Feathers in a matching orange, adorn the bust, back hip, and the hem of the sleeves. On the sleeves, the feathers can be taken off, so it is your preference how feathery you want to be! Thirdly, the dress has a beautiful neckpiece glittering with premium AB crystals. The back of the necklace has a piece that drapes elegantly over the open back.

Fun fact, this dress name is inspired by Milan, Italy. In particular, we thought of the grand burgundy curtains and gold walls in La Scala Opera House. Additionally, we day dreamed of the cute orange, burgundy, and white houses that line the famous Naviglio Grande Canal. Another fun fact, this dress is brand new and has never been worn! Snatch up this dress, and get a brand new dress for over half of what it would normally cost. Then, buy a ticket to the opera and celebrate in your brand new dress!