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Dress ID: S/S21-971

Designer: Artistry in Motion

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $3,500

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Smooth/Standard

Size: 6-8-10

Cup Size: B-C-D

Height Req: 5'-5'3"

Expiration Date: 9/1/24

Accessories: (2) Detachable Floats

Sauvignon Blanc

This elegant white Smooth/Standard gown by Artistry in Motion is a classy choice for any dancer! To begin, the dress begins with a sweetheart neckline. Underneath this, a swirling design of high end Crystals covers a diamond shaped mesh section. The rest of the bodice is made with a white lace fabric layered over a nude bodysuit. Next, the skirt flares out from just above the hips, creating a beautiful silhouette. The skirt is made from a satin fabric. Additionally, the dress has long white lace sleeves.

Then the back of the bodice starts with a simple V shape, exposing the shoulder blades.  The embellishment on this dress is beautiful! A mix of crystal and crystal AB stones creates a trim around the edges of this dress. Additionally, the embellishments includes large golden pear shaped crystals. This design runs down the center of the back and around the edge of the bodice. The bust is also heavily embellished with a similar design of swirling crystals. Lastly, this dress has a built in body suit and bra cups.

Named after a white wine that originates in the Bordeaux region of France, this dress represents the crisp and elegant spirit of its namesake.  The classic white lace used in the dress is a fabric that evokes bridal wear, but is versatile for looks in every category! Spring 2021 runways were full of white lace, like Chanel’s collection which featured the fabric in fresh blouses and flirty dresses. Sauvignon Blanc utilizes the fabric perfectly, with a beautiful blend of sophistication and whimsy.