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Dress ID: R/L15-611

Designer: Doré

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $3,400

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Rhythm/Latin

Size: 2-4-6

Cup Size: B-C-D

Height Req: 5'6" & Up

Expiration Date: 12/01/2022

Accessories: (2) Armbands

Slice of Life

A Velvet Rhythm Latin Dress. This dress is classic elegance with a twist. It has two sides to it. Firstly, one side features a rich navy blue velvet stretch fabric. Secondly, the other side is nude and sparkles with fine European crystal stones. The 5mm stones are AB and Light Colorado Topaz (a shiny light tan). Similarly, the large specialty ravioli stones are Light Colorado Topaz.

The details on this dress are what make it so special. The front has a V-neckline and features an open back. It is asymmetrical with its own rendition of a collar. The collar meets on the far right of the dress, from the velvet fabric and wraps around to the back. The side with the velvet has a sleeve that is gathered and beautifully drapes. The velvet starts on the top right side of the dress, and meets at the hips on the opposite side of the dress. The velvet Rhythm Latin dress has an exaggerated slant hem with glittering stones lining the hem. Lastly, the back of the dress has an elastic strap with a hook and eye, and an elastic strap across the waist with more high end crystals.

The name for Slice of Life was chosen because it looks like the dress is a combination of two different dresses, sliced down the middle. Indeed, two-tone designs are in! You can see on the runway Roland Mouret who made his twist on a maxi dress by making it two toned, with half of the dress in navy blue and the other half in a coral orange. Other designers like Ports 1961 and Sally LaPointe did their own take on the timeless two-tone for Spring 2020. Why wouldn’t you love a two-tone dress? You can wear both your favorite colors at once, and very fashionably at that!