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Dress ID: R/L23-1006

Designer: Designs to Shine

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Purchase Price: $4,300

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Rhythm/Latin

Size: 4-6-8

Cup Size: B-C-D

Height Req: N/A

Expiration Date: 9/1/24

Accessories: (1) Matching Men's Shirt



Shoot for the stars in Supernova, an out of this world rhythm latin dress by Designs to Shine! To begin, this dress features an asymmetrical neckline that cuts diagonally across the collarbones. This purple dress is full of body hugging pleats that are adorned with heliotrope and purple velvet Austrian Crystals. Gold lines dance across the dress, dazzling with topaz stones. On one side of the dress is a side cutout, with a sleek gold band darting across it.

 Additionally, the skirt of this dress is drapey and soft with twists of flounce for more movement. It is trimmed in purple ribbon. The skirt is cut asymmetrically. Also, the back of the dress is cut low, revealing the back. Towards the shoulder blades, thin gold straps cut across the back in diagonal lines. A swath of purple cuts down to the hipline, which curves down and creates a flattering line on the hip. Lastly, this dress has built in bra cups and a bodysuit.It also comes with a matching men’s shirt to really wow on the dance floor! 

Asymmetrical designs give a sense of movement to an outfit and help draw the eye to certain details on a design. For example, Dua Lipa’s Cannes Film Festival gown features an asymmetrical one shoulder detail with cutouts on one side. The help brings attention to her face while creating a narrower waistline. Supernovas bold lines work similarly, while creating an interesting and exciting look!