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Dress ID: R/L21-904

Designer: Designs by Lazzari

Original Retail Price: $7,500

Purchase Price: $5,200

Rental Price: N/A

Dress Type: Rhythm/Latin

Size: 8-10-12

Cup Size: B-C-D

Height Req: 5'7" & Up

Expiration Date: Dec 1, 2021

Accessories: None



Viva La Peacock

Strut like a Peacock when you wear this extraordinary Designs by Lazarri Rhythm Latin Dress! Firstly, made from a black mesh fabric, this long sleeve dress will be a showstopper. The cuffs of these sleeves are a plume of peacock and black feathers. Next, the neckline of the dress features an assortment of swirling applique that continues down the center of the dress. This embellishment also features sprigs of black feathers. Even more exciting is the body of the dress, which is heavily bejeweled with blue and green Swarovski crystals that radiate out like a peacock feather. The front of the dress curves down into a point down the center. Additionally, swirling applique and rhinestones decorate the edges of the skirt.

This design continues to the back of the dress, where the blue and green stones create an arrow shape pointing down towards the skirt. Finally, the real showstopper on this dress is the skirt! It is long in the back and made with a deep blue satin. The inside of the skirt is lined with dozens of peacock feathers, creating a beautiful surprise as you dance!

Praised for their beauty and vibrant colors, peacocks are considered birds of royalty. Peacocks represent beauty, royalty, love, and passion. In ancient times only royals were allowed to watch the peacocks dance. Peacocks only dance when they are happy and in this dress you will always be joyful when you dance too!