The Primate Sanctuary

Born Free USA is the parent organization of The Primate Sanctuary located which is located on 186 acres near San Antonio, Texas, caring for more than 600 nonhuman primates.  They strive to provide a high level of care with little human interference unless medically necessary.  The sanctuary emphasizes group living, social companionship and provides an enriched environment for the physiological, social, and behavioral needs of their animals.  This sanctuary is not open to the public allowing the maximum privacy for their residences.  They are accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.


To make a donation to this facility please visit


To make a donation to this facility please visit

Encore is now the excited adoptive sponsor of Shawshank, a 16-year-old hamadryas baboon, and Khy, a 4-year-old snow monkey at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.  We feel there is a great importance to take care of all living creatures and help provide them with the best life possible.




Shawshank had the good fortune to be retired from a research facility and now spends his days at the sanctuary in a large, natural enclosure in the company of other baboons of various species.  Arriving in 2001, Shawshank has become the leading male in the baboon group and watches over everyone with a close eye, his favorite female “Shooter” always close by his side.  He now enjoys a regular diet of fresh fruits and vegetables with his favorites being dessert mangos, avacados, grapes, and whole roasted peanuts.  Far removed from the steel and sterility he once knew, Shawshank is now free to soak up the sun, pick spring flowers, or roam through the dense enclosure with his entourage of impressed baboons in tow.

Encore Ballroom Couture does NOT condone the use of animals in laboratory testing.  All products used in Encore Ballroom Couture and The Dress Spa were not tested on animals and are 100% vegan.





Khy was sold as a “pet,” and quickly demonstrated his desire for independence.  By age two, he began displaying the unpredictable behavior of the wild animal he is.  Throwing “tantrums,” menacing, and threatening the very person who card for him.  Khy was growing up fast and was no longer the adorable little infant who needed nurturing after being stolen from his real mother.  Khy now resides at a primate sanctuary here in the United States where we are happy to provide funding for his care.  Currently he has made friends with a juvenile male and young female and gives the adults a run for their money.  Soon he will be moved to a larger 56-acre enclosure where he will continue to develop physically and learn proper monkey etiquette.  One of the fortunate ex-“pets,” Khy can now spend his years in exploration of the natural world around him.

Encore Ballroom Couture does NOT condone the sale or purchase of dangerous/wild exotics. Additionally, we do NOT condone the housing of dangerous/wild exotics in personal residences.  We look forward to state governments across the United States as well as foreign governments, to pass legislation protecting these animals and its citizens.

Fur Free Retailer

EBC is FUR Free!!!

As of Fall 2012 Encore Ballroom Couture no longer accepts dresses on consignment containing animal fur or skin! We have signed the pledge and updated our inventory; feeling ethically this is the only acceptable way to ensure our company never contributes to the suffering and death of many animals across the world. You can find the fur free logo proudly displayed at the bottom of our homepage.


Animal Rescue Corps

Animal Rescue Corps is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit located in Washington D.C.  They are an animal protection organization that conducts rescues of animals, creates public awareness of animal suffering and offers training and assessments for animal shelters, professionals and volunteers.  Animal Rescue Corps are frequently involved in natural disaster support and helping animals who have fallen victim to abuse.  Founded by Scotlund Haisley, this organization provides animal protection services both nationally an internationally.

We are a proud financial supporter of ARC.  For more information on how you can donate please visit:


Project Perry

88e418_a39ab5355b4a4fd89c5605d6010468d5.jpg_srz_p_349_152_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzProject Perry located in Central Virginia, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit sanctuary dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of parrots.  They area accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

“Our primary mission is to provide exceptional natural environments for our residents where they can enjoy the enrichment of flight and the togetherness of flock with excellent care provided by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers.  Parrots and other exotic birds represent the largest population of captive wildlife in the U.S., and the need to protect them continues to grow.” –Project Perry

We are a proud financial supporter of Project Perry.  For more information on how you can donate please visit:





Feelin’ Thirsty?

Every bottle of wine purchased helps provide a safe place for birds!  Please consider selecting from these wines during your next gathering.

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Cruelty Free Feathers

The ballroom industry certainly loves feathers!  We support no-kill natural molt feathers.  They are naturally molted by healthy birds, then collected for sterilization and sale.