Fall trends on the runway!

Fall 2013 Fashion Report

By Samantha Bryant



velvetWith the sweet floral songs and full skirts of the ‘50s fading from runways this past season, the public looks to a different era for a refreshing edge. The cool casual grunge of the ‘90s will rise, becoming a distinct presence in stores this fall. The fabric that carries this era’s punk and minimal aesthetic is none other than classic velvet.

Velvet, a soft pile fabric with sheen, was first introduced as a luxury fabric reserved for the nobility. King Richard II of England was infamous for demanding all his clothes be crafted from this decadent and expensive cloth. The fabric filtered in and out of fashion through history, but gained overwhelming popularity in the ‘90s for its unique textures and flirty “touch me” invitation.

This season designers are rethinking the simple and skimpy silhouettes of the ‘90s. Diane Kruger recently rocked a purple high-waisted gown from Alberta Ferretti’s latest collection. The classic and romantic silhouette offers coverage while subduing the velvet’s edgy connotations.

Katy Perry recently showcased her inner ‘90s chick in L.A. She was photographed in a crushed red velvet circle skirt dress, paired with punk booties and a bohemian medallion belt.

In stores thicker velvets will offer customers insulation in the cooling autumn air. Lightweight velvets and velveteen will also be a prominent option though.  These thinner fabrics can be crafted into flirty evening dresses and party apparel, keeping the fun and fashionable texture, without the dense warmth.

Bring this soft and trendy texture to the ballroom this fall with stylish and unique dresses!

On the Runway


navyLast season the runways were swept with a rainbow of beige. From pearl to faun, dewdrop to sandalwood, every nothing color was stamped with an opulent name, a distinct yet hollow difference.

This season’s designers are over the Pantone flattery and name games. They are returning to bold and comfortable classics — colors that don’t need packaging to be adored.

Navy, is a deep blue tone that is known universally for its rich saturated hue and sophisticated simplicity. Designers from Céline to Michael Kors presented multiple coats, dresses, and pantsuits awash in navy purity.

Dakota Fanning stunned in a navy Elie Saab couture gown at the Venice film festival. Her pale complexion appeared luminous and elegant against the gown’s deep hue and simple V-neck silhouette.

Selena Gomez also turned heads in navy. Her sexy Versace gown at this fall’s VMA awards was classy, but cheeky with a lingerie bodice detail.

Navy this season can be pared with navy and more navy, allowing this trend to align with the monochrome trend.  Pairing navy with other trendy colors such as white or a bright purple will also create a reliable chic palette. Bring this elegant tone to the dance floor in these numerous navy numbers!

On the Runway

Bold Prints

boldprintsThe bohemian wave of mixing subtle prints is slowly subsiding into a braver quirky trend. Designers no longer sedate their patterns and prints with earth tones and petite repeats.

Instead polka dots in pinks and greens accent suits. Cartoon hearts splosh along silk gowns. The flowers are bigger, the colors unapologetic. These new varieties of prints scream confidence, without appearing gaudy or desperate. The artful interpretations of these new patterns convey intelligence, fearlessness, and whimsy.

Kerry Washington showcased a playful polka-dot Miu Miu trench coat in the latest issue of Flare. The classic trench silhouette was revamped with an enlarged polka-dot print and pale pink and black color combo.

Olivia Wilde rocked an Antonia Berardi cocktail dress with an electric blue cube print. The trompe l’oeil cubes offered a whimsical touch to this simple cocktail number.

Bring a plucky sense of whimsy and style to the ballroom this season with these printed gowns!

On the Runway

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