Fall trends on the runway!

Fall 2016 Fashion Report

By Emma Francois

Outrageously Outlandish: Otherworldly Insinuations

Inspired by a romanticized vision of parading pirates and stolen treasures, Temperley London’s fall collection features cascading fauna motifs and ribbons of flags all reminiscent of life beyond the seas. And telling a different—but equally captivating—tale comes Loewe’s brazen and bold design trope. Gilded armor, sandstone-colored utilitarian dresses, and chainmaille necklaces drip with the allure of battle-ready women braving the artful landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

This otherworldly trend enchants the fashion world and lifts their imaginations to dreamy worlds transcending runways and catwalks. This trend transports us to lands set with aliens and moon craters or mummies and hieroglyphs. Every dress can tell a story and every wearer can unzip their imagination.

Pioneering the Outrageously Outlandish trend comes art director Sofia Sanchez de Betak’s vintage and Dannijo getup for the annual CFDA Fashion Awards. Her gold thread skirt and metallic chain jewelry bodice evoked imagery of gladiator-laced Spartans and glowing Greek goddesses.

And across the seas centuries later, Julianne Hough’s Michael Kors Collection dress juxtaposed both a robotic, tech-glistening dystopia with a shimmery, shimmying, Jazz Age flapper dress. While these two worlds may seem to be warring with each other, Hough’s interpretation of the trend proved that harmony and peace seamlessly conquer any fight—sartorial or otherwise.

Travel to the bounds of imagination this fall by interpreting this trend whenever the mood strikes. Try looks with evocative motifs, costume-style hardware, or other-worldly color palettes.

On the Runway

Fairytale Embroidery for the Modern Muse

Perhaps the most wonderfully bizarre trend this season is the fearless embroidery ruthlessly leading the fashion world into new creative territory. Brave designers excavate inspiration from forgotten childhood favorites—tales of princesses, poisonous apples, ruby shoes, fairy godmothers, and secret powers. Playful, whimsical, and rich—and with sartorial plot twists—this intricate trend is deliciously childish and ironically sophisticated.

But unlike the traditional versions of the fairytales, the fashion world’s contemporary twists embrace individuality, feminism, and heroines who chase their own happy ever after.

Anna Wintour and Bee Shaffer both wore Gucci floor-length gowns enriched with imagery. Wintour’s subtle pink dress evoked paradises lost and found, while Shaffer’s cobalt number called to mind an artfully re-mastered illustration from Each Peach Pear Plum

Cate Blanchett glowed in a glistening Valentino and Chopard gown befit for any style muse. Golden feathers and silver embroidery amplified the steely look and added the magical-factor.

This trend teaches us that everything becomes more fairytale-like with a hint of sparkle (at the touch of a star-topped wand, of course). So whether it’s a ball gown with some embroidered shimmer or a pleated skirt with scenes of towering castles, every modern woman can become her own fashion Prince Charming.

On the Runway

Secret Gardens, Sweeping and Sultry

A dress reminiscent of your grandmother’s curtains? Lovely. Frayed edges, wilting petals, worn lace, broken color, and vintage motifs? Delightful. This trend speaks to, and for, the ages, embracing a dignified irony. With the allure of secret gardens and mysteriously ornate locked doors, this fall floral evokes a dark romanticism that begs to be explored.

Actress Alicia Vikander donned a blossoming Louis Vuitton slip dress with striking, velvety hues of red, gold, and navy à la Persian carpet or magical rug. The intersecting borders comprised expansive, imaginative florals with a wild sense of intrigue.

Saoirse Ronan graced an Irish Repertory Theatre event in a ballet pink fluttery gown with two simple fabric poinsettias elegantly draped symmetrically on the shoulders. While minimal and understated, the dress packed a dramatic, ominously romantic, punch.

Erdem’s collection personified the Secret Garden trend through its deep jewel tones iced with frills, tassels, and lace confections. The dichotomy between darkness and beauty seems to be that blurred line that captures the eye, whispers mystery, and calls tantalizingly to be worn, admired, and understood.

Moody and enigmatic, this British floral trend metamorphoses simple gowns into shadowy insinuations of furtive gardens and hidden secrets. Through color, texture, size, and print, ball gown dresses can take on a character and allure of their own.

On the Runway