Spring trends on the runway!

Spring 2017 Fashion Report

By Emma Francois

Writer's Note

Optimism is in the air. Looks are understated, yet bold. They have a testy vibe about them, an attitude that is both confident and daring. And more than seasons before, designers are creating for the woman. For her life, for her art, and for her.


Hummingbird hues are exactly what they sound like – sparkling, iridescent, jewel-toned, and (obviously) beautiful. They have the charm of a pastel with the glitz of a metallic. Hummingbird hues are tough and feminine, a trend we can all get behind with enthusiasm and prowess.

Gucci’s hummingbird hues chart the entirety of this sartorial map; the emeralds, the golds, the sapphires, the rusts, and the rubies.

Leighton Meester wore an innovative floral with shimmering navy and peony accents. Her Prabal Gurung dress flitted and shone, just like our favorite bird of the season.

Kendall Jenner dazzled on the streets of London in an A.L.C. coat in a wonderfully confusing golden hue – sometimes revealing a splash of purple, green, or blue.

Dazzle on the dance floor in this iridescent trend. It’s innately elegant and whimsically amusing, so feel free to play with the hummingbird hue in all of its bubbly forms.

On the Runway


This trend has been gaining momentum for the past few seasons, coming into full bloom now. It’s a fashion statement – a power move – all in one easy, economical maneuver. Whether it’s via cascading sleeves or puffer cuffs, there is a statement sleeve styling to perfectly match your personality.

French musician SoKo wore a Gucci gown in an eggnog or champagne white with a bedazzled bodice. The sleeves, however, stole the show; their frothy, puffy, and tiered silhouette gave the look an exaggerated, dramatic insinuation.

But it was the queen herself, Emma Watson (who else?), who knocked this trend out of the park in an ultramarine blue Louis Vuitton number. Her statement black block sleeves (which also featured a “cold-shoulder”) were fierce and feminine, the perfect embodiment of her spirit and style.

Run wild with this playful and sophisticated trend. Remember the bolder, the better and live by that mantra – in life and in fashion.

On the Runway


While many designers made a case for the artwoman trend, it was Celine and Roksanda who won this sartorial endgame. And what exactly is the artwoman trend, you ask? It transcends trendiness, best translated as more of a lifestyle: it’s wearing and exemplifying art, inspired by the most influential artistes of past and present. It can be examined in Roksanda’s geometric shapes à la Henri Matisse, or Celine’s indigo-on-white motifs reminiscent of Yves Klein.

Hailee Steinfeld elegantly embraced this trend in a Jason Wu pastel floral dress. The colors and the tropes were inspired by Ugo Rondinone’s rock installation, Seven Magic Mountains.

 Ruth Negga interpreted this trend in an unexpected way. A Max Mara mint overcoat blanketed a lively green Miu Miu dress. The steely blue-green alluded to the jade folded fabric studies of Caitlin MacBride.

Find gowns in Byzantine-era color schemes or cubism-style shapes. Not only will you feel artistic and worldly, but timeless.

On the Runway