Summer trends on the runway!

Summer 2016 Fashion Report

By Emma Francois

Bound into the Circus Ring

Bound into the Circus Ring -- Summer 2016-66275The circus-style trend is an ongoing, open invitation to the biggest sartorial party of the summer. Hip, classy, comfortable, and jumpy, this trend is serious about its staying power, but definitely does nottake itself too seriously. Pajama-esque robes, mini top hats, striped vests, and magician-worthy capes form the basis of this active, sporadic, and eccentric circus-style trend, and all are balanced and modernized with timeless heels, a fantastic jacket, or killer denim.

Selena Gomez attended the Met Gala in clunky, greasy black clown shoes that boldly represented the circus trend. Gomez amplified and streamlined her outfit with a loose, whimsical polka dot Louis Vuitton dress and structured leather vest.

At the same fête, actress Dakota Johnson donned a minimalist black dress with an emerald lace lingerie neckline that was transformed through primary-colored stars that bespangled and energized the Gucci slip.

Gigi Hadid wrought this trend to its very core, stripping the trend of its colorful prints and exaggerated clown-like proportions to delve into the basics of the circus silhouettes. The result: a Burberry cape that is equally mysterious, masterful, and magical—everything a muse of the circus should aspire to be.

Experiment with this trend through logo tees, pinstriped pants, star motifs, and pared down capes. And on the ballroom, look for dresses that have that trompe l’oeil effect reminiscent of circus wonders.

On the Runway

The Earthy + Suit Equation

The Earthy + Suit Equation - Summer 2016-79191In Chanel’s Summer 2016 show, zen mastermind meets childhood imagination against a bamboo dollhouse backdrop fit for any sustainable fashion queen. This antithesis of playfulness and environmental awareness is exemplified through earthy, woven, lively suits that blend the right amount of shimmer, professionalism, and unexpectedness. Mindfulness and stewardship sew these luscious, organic suits that are more than just trendy—they alter the fashion world’s dialogue this summer.

Julianne Moore rocked the Cannes red carpet in an overhauled suit jacket that featured latticed, spidery, sheer sleeve panels with a sleek leather bodice to create a gothic-goddess vibe.

Emma Watson reinvigorated this trend by pairing navy pants with a kicky poppy Osman top that blurred the lines between the nature of the suit, jacket, cape, peplum, and ruffle. Conscious, sophisticated, and floral, Watson’s outfit encapsulated both a fashion and environmental statement.

For a stellar and stimulating ballroom look, translate the trend to be fit for the dance floor by seeking out unexpected floral and fauna prints with more minimalist silhouettes—a futuristic twist on a timeless classic.

On the Runway

A Peekaboo Game of Sheer

A Peekaboo Game of Sheer - Summer 2016-31329Never has a simple concept—in this case, the elementary idea of peekaboo—been reinterpreted and reimagined to become something so elegant, unassuming, and alluring. A subtle addition of sheer presents a sartorial punch, perhaps in the form of a sliver around the collar, a delicate canapé along the forearm, or a ruffle peering from the hemline. A dusting of sheer to garnish an outfit effortlessly adds a sophisticated edginess that could only be achieved through sheer’s intricate lightness and ability to show a hint of skin in a sexy and understated fashion.

Karlie Kloss attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in a Peter Pilloto dress whose embroidered, imaginative, cartoony motif and asymmetrical waterfall hemline turned from playful day dress to stylish cocktail gown via carefully placed sheer panels. The thin piping of sheer ran through the whimsy print and across Kloss’ collarbone, adding a hint of sparkle and a sprinkling of skin to make the look just a tad older and paradoxical, while keeping its charming, youthful-wonderland quality.

Rachel McAdams flaunted a Valentino Haute Couture gown that proved even a small amount of sheer can determine a look’s ability to outshine. This fern and gold number included sheer lettering below the waistline, empowering the gown to the status of intrigue due to the strategically placed sheer cursive handiwork.

This trend may be the secret to a memorable ball gown’s je ne sais quoi. Even the smallest insinuation of sheer makes for an interesting, sumptuous, and graceful dress. Wear it with knowing confidence and natural elegance.

On the Runway