Summer 2019 trends on the runway!

Summer 2019 Fashion Report

By Emma Francois

Writer's Note


This trend, simply said, is delightful. But it refuses to be held to one adjective alone: It’s chaotic, sporadic, dizzying, jubilant, and proud. It’s a celebration of technicolor and an invitation for punchiness. Coco Chanel believed in looking in the mirror and taking one thing off; this trend requests adding one thing on. And then one thousand and one more things.

Few runways seemed to have more fun than the couture collection that burst from Schiaparelli this season. Dresses resembled birds of paradise with flamingo-worthy puffiness and peacock-esque color explosions. One exemplary dress comes to mind: the spherical lavender and crimson outburst of feathers, equal parts fashion and art. And who can forget the slinky silver slip dress with effervescent polka dots that added a contemporary elegance to the confetti trend.

Michelle Williams offered a subtle interpretation of this trend with her Grecian white Louis Vuitton gown, interrupted by an unlikely confetti burst of metallic adornments along the waistline.

And Michelle Obama emanated power in her peach Stine Goya pantsuit dotted with circular bursts of rhinestones.

This season, stand out amongst the crowd with a satisfying bouquet of fabric along the hip or a sachet of feathers along the hem. Then twirl.

On the Runway

Revolutionary Reds

There is something undeniably hedonistic about red. It’s the color of life’s indulgences. It’s the color of lipstick, a glass of merlot, the sole of a Louboutin, and an English rose. It’s the color of love, of power, of decision, and of sensuality.

So what happens, then, when red is reconsidered? When it is asked to prove itself? To reaffirm its sense of royalty and danger? The spring/summer 2019 couture collection from Armani Privé investigated this sartorial dilemma by pairing red with unlikely textures. For example, cobalt blue undercuts the tiers of a waxy gown in bright poppy. And a patch of rouge refreshed one fringed flapper dress in sapphire.

Fittingly, Scarlett Johansson donned a Proenza Schouler ensemble that exemplified the sophistication and dynamism of this trend. The knit texture of the top, when paired with the minty blue backdrop for the bottom, gave the thoughtful use of red a moment in the sun.

Similarly, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s use of red dominated in her Oscar de la Renta look. Her sleek black pants emphasized the drama of her firetruck-red asymmetrical frock.

And Gigi Hadid’s Prada dress spoke multitudes: a slight burst of red ink punctuated the otherwise minimalist, white style.

On the dance floor, spin regally with a gown in any shade of red from vermillion to amaranth. Depending on the day, opt for a hue with more zest or spice.

On the Runway

Eye Candy

Building a dress that looks good enough to eat demands a designer to perform creative gymnastics: Every sense must be considered, from the feel of the fabric to the precise shade of pink (too light and bubble gum appears chalky, too saturated and it looks synthetic). Insight and instinct lead the way, as Ralph & Russo expertly illustrated in their recent couture collection. A restrained palette ranging from mint to watermelon leapt alive when coupled with frothy layers of chiffon and tulle. One bubble ivory sheath was as suave as whipped cream. One frilly confection caught the light like a variety pack of fruity lollipops. With ease and a sense of fun, it’s hard to imagine a trend more emblematic of summer.

Julianne Moore took this trend for a spin with her textured Valentino gown. The piped layers resembled the sumptuous edges of a wedding cake.

And Brie Larson’s indigo dress designed by Rodarte sealed the deal with a sugary pink bottom ruffle as iridescent as fondant.

Experiment with texture, embellishments, and color when translating this trend form the runways to the dance floors: A cotton candy slip is flirty and timeless. A ruffle like frosting is a delicious decoration for a gown of any silhouette.

On the Runway