Winter trends on the runway!

Winter 2016|17 Fashion Report

By Emma Francois

Writer's Note

Pulling out trends from the vastly different fall/winter creations proved more challenging this season. Balmain’s techie, dystopian collection with neon and electric accents had proportions an astronaut would be proud of – a theme completely contradictory of The Row’s tailored, classic, and masculine silhouettes in delicate wine tones. With so much juxtaposition, I decided to draw inspiration from the eclectic, often ironic, compilations to create a Winter Trend Report that reflects this dynamic fashion landscape with its wilderness of styles and aesthetics, that still manages to stay rooted to its past.

The Strictly Modern LBD

For all of the infamy surrounding the Little Black Dress, it’s incredible that designers still manage to unpack, reinvent, and deconstruct the LBD to create a product that embraces the mysticism, classicism, and timelessness of the inspiration. Public School in particular strayed from our conventional understanding of the LBD with looks that were, in a word, cool. Hip, funky, effortless, Public School reminds us that every basic, from the LBD to the poncho, can be individualized and transfigured, while remaining absolutely beautiful.

Chloe Sevigny donned a Vera Wang LBD whose tailored vest, black bandeau, and waterfall meshwork lent the look a deconstructed, un-done vibe.

Olympian and newly minted fashionista Simone Biles attended a show in a tuxedo dress that was playfully professional and represented the independence and youth of the contemporary LBD.

The modern LBD positively beams on the dance floor. Using black as your canvas, experiment with dresses that mix textures and blend spirited motifs. Because this look is the definition of chic, you can truly go wild and embrace looks that have that extra bow or added splash of glitter.

On the Runway

Something Borrowed, Something Beautiful

If you’ve ever gone to town in a cool aunt’s closet or tried on all of your mother’s favorites when nobody’s looking, then you probably will experience a rush of nostalgia after admiring Chanel’s new collection. It’s a circus of pillbox hats, stacked pearls, tweed suit jackets, denim vests, and Audrey Hepburn-esque gloves. This collection blends the drama of Old Hollywood with the thriftiness of Modern Day, while embodying the mantra more is more, a style concept that speaks to the ages.

Alicia Vikander graced the red carpet in a Louis Vuitton dress that smudged the line between quirky and edgy with its multi-textured accents. The parade of jewel-toned appliqué, sequins, and ruffles mixed old glamour and modernism.

Dakota Johnson attended a Gucci show in a burnt rose prairie dress with vintage floral motifs. Her studded denim jacket revved this look’s ironically antiquated air.
Find pieces with emotion, perhaps an old-timey necklace or a Roaring Twenties-inspired fringe, and mix it with something fresh like a streamlined blazer or ripped jeans. This trend is clashing fashion at it’s purest.

On the Runway

Layering: Winter’s Spirit Animal

This delightful trend alludes to the Scottish Highlands or Downton Abbey. It’s layering as we know it, except more upscale, more resourceful, and more sophisticated. Slightly boyish and angular, with just a feminine flourish in the form of a ribbon or a strategic neckline, layering exemplifies fashion’s dichotomy of pragmatism and indulgence. And nobody performs this balancing act better than Ralph Lauren whose playful and exaggerated layered looks remind us of those adventures where our clothing helps us play the part of Sherlock Holmes or Princess Diana.

Michelle Dockery wore a delightful Oscar de la Renta gown to the Emmy Awards that played up the layering trend with its black piping and cascading layers of ivory.

Olivia Palermo layered a Prabal Gurung asymmetrical black dress over a white Tibi blouse with a voluminous for an intricate and sculptural look.
Translating the layering trend to reinvigorate your ball gown repertoire means finding looks with added fabric trimmings, playing with sheer overlays, and insinuating volume with endless ripples of fabric. It’s an invitation to wear all of your favorite embellishments and decals at the same time.

On the Runway