Dress Appraisal – International Shipping Instructions

This is for the submission of dresses to Encore Ballroom Couture for appraisal.

International shipping can be done through FedEx International, UPS Worldwide , TNT Post, DHL International, or any other reputable shipping company. Please ship your package with a tracking number and signature required upon delivery. Please email us and we will provide our studio address to ship to. (The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not allow anything other than USPS shipments to P.O. Boxes.) Once shipped, email your tracking number, so that we can anticipate delivery.

Please pay for the shipping label through your local shipping facility. You may use your account numbers for FedEx, UPS, or other international shipping companies. We will email you once the dresses have been received.



Customs Note:  All international shipments may be delayed through customs, so please take that into consideration when choosing your method of shipping. Please provide our phone number to customs and border patrol agents for any questions regarding the export of your dresses.  Julie Wilson, Owner, Encore Ballroom Couture, (703) 573-1640.

Note:  You are responsible for all duties and taxes associated with your shipment to Encore Ballroom Couture.

Note:  Purchasing insurance for your package is completely at your discretion. Each carrier offers different options for insuring packages.

Note:  We would recommend placing each dress and any accompanying accessories within a plastic zip top bag in case your shipping box would get wet or be exposed to moisture during transit.

Special Note: Red text denotes the most urgent shipping option. We are thrilled to provide this same day service for your most urgent shipping needs!

International Shipping Options

Other International Shipping Carriers

International shipping can also be done through TNT Post, DHL International, or any other reputable shipping company.


Return Shipment

We use FedEx International Economy as our preferred shipping method. The package will arrive within 2-5 business days, per your request. It will be delivered with direct signature required, so please provide an address you can be reached at during business hours. The shipping cost will be charged to the credit card or FedEx account number you provide on the Appraisal Request. If charging the shipping cost, please note it will show on your credit card statement as a separate charge. We will email your shipping invoice and tracking number to you once the package has shipped.