Jordy first started teaching himself how to make dance costumes when he was 16 (1985). He taught himself every aspect of the costume, designing, pattern making, cutting, sewing and decorating. Since then he has made costumes for the winners of every major competition in the world many times over and every level of amateur dancer. He founded Jordy in 1997, since then he’s worked with many World Champions over the years including a very long and successful relationship with the 10 times undefeated World Professional Latin Champions Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko. 

He has designed and made costumes for national TV and Hollywood movies. Jordy has become a household name to dancers all around the world. He designs each of his dresses and suits himself and is surrounded by a very talented team of dressmakers and decorators. He always try to make each costume as close to wearable art as possible but it has to be the right costume for the right dancer, creating a synergy between them. When a dancer puts on a Jordy design he wants them to feel the best version of themselves and to feel as though the costume is a continuation of their dance persona.

Dresses Proudly Designed and Handmade in
Whippany, New Jersey.